Self Contained Water Purification Systems

Improving the quality of life through modular

self contained solar powered water filtration systems



Phoenix H2O Modular Survival POD Systems are individual or combined  modules that can be scaled to create a mobile living environment in virtually any location throughout the world. Built with a state of the art, powerful self contained renewable energy platform allows the Phoenix H2O centers to produce drinkable water from virtually any water source. Other functions include recycling of water and incinerating black water eliminating the need for back hauling ensuring clean sanitized environments that encounter  unstable living conditions or simply want to prepare for any uncertainties in our changing world.



Phoenix H2O modular design allows the system to be used for individuals, family's, refuge centers, Safe Houses, troops, emergency service, expeditions, search crews,  municipalities, schools, government services and many more. The modular POD system allows you to scale systems to the quantity of people in need ensuring a safe quality of life from 1 to 1000.


Most often, living conditions are based on limited supplies, accessibility or locations suffering from catastrophic environmental conditions.

Drinking water being the single most critical to human lie isn't always safe and faces many threats in our world stemming from earth quakes, tornado's, typhoons, environmental poisons, bombs and nuclear destruction. Survival under these extreme conditions can be life threatening unless you are prepared or have a place you can depend on to maintain a stable living environment.


Phoenix H2O Survival Centers can be delivered to any where in the world, by vehicle, boat or helicopter.