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Grey Water Recycling Module

Residential water usage in the U.S. and Canada

End uses of water for households in the U.S. in gallons per household per day and percent of indoor use[1]

End uses of water for households in the U.S. in liters per household per day and percent of indoor use[1]

  • Shower
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Washing Machine

Our world is changing and it is time we start recycling water from our homes and buildings. Recycling gray water will reduce the burden of huge water treatment plants and bring a more economic solution to sustainable living.


Recycling water represents more than 50% of water daily consumption on average. Why let this used water destroy our earth, let it be recycled and used saving money for fresh water and become more independent and less water dependent.


Residential water use (also called domestic use, household use, or tap water use) includes all indoor and outdoor uses of drinking quality water at single-family and multifamily dwellings.These uses include a number of defined purposes (or water end uses) such as flushing toilets, washing clothes and dishes, showering and bathing, drinking, food preparation, watering lawns and gardens, and maintaining swimming pools. Some of these end uses are detectable (and measurable) while others are more difficult to gauge.

Phoenix H2O has been designing gray water recycling systems to integrate into new construction of buildings and homes. By separating a buildings piping system, buildings can recycle shower, sink and washing machine water in a closed circuit system saving thousands of dollars in public water supplies.  Sink water will be always supplied from a public sources while all the rest of the water from showers and washing machines will be recycled and used on a continued bases.


Gray Water Recycling System

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Public Water Consumption statistics around the world