Regular laundry service consumes very large quantities of water and electric power  generate equally large volumes of gray and black water requiring disposal.

For every gallon or liter of water used, fuel for power generators are needed to discharge each gallon of waste that will have to be back loaded for treatment  significantly drives a logistic supply trail. Storage, transportation and disposal requires people, equipment and vehicles. Carrying discharge supply convoys are soft targets in hostile areas and power generators are noisy and waste disposal can be noxious.


Phoenix H2O addresses these issues by recuperating 95% of the water used for continuous uninterrupted laundry service.

  • 720-lb to 1,440-lb of laundry per day (24-hr operation),
  • Only 0.13-gal of water/lb of clothes (a 90% reduction)
  • Generates only 0.05-gal/lb of gray water for disposal (a 99% reduction)