From emergency to long-term development


Phoenix H2O International and RTI Exploration have merged their specialties partnering to provide intelligent solutions to water discovery and purification.


WATEX™ developed by RTI Exploration discovers groundwater reaching subterranean levels to 3km and a drilling success rate of 98%.  Phoenix H2O©, developed by Phoenix H2O International, purifies water at 99% through its proprietary fully autonomous mobile reverse osmosis station.


Cost Effective

Highly Accurate

Time Efficient

WATEX™ is a Groundwater Exploration System developed by RTI Exploration. The system was praised in 2004 by the U.S. Congress, USGS and the U.S. State Department since the Darfur crisis in Sudan, where 3 million displaced persons were rescued by 1700 water wells drilled thanks to the a WATEX™ Survey funded by USAID.


WATEX™ is a break-through solution to detect unknown and renewable groundwater from 100 to 600 meters and below: the perfect solution to launch any water development and management projects.


The technology combines remote sensing, geology and geophysics with  one of the most efficient algorithms to pinpoint drilling locations with the highest probability of success, whatever the geological context.


WATEX™ was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame® by the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs in May 2016. This solution is recognized and honored for its efficiency servicing the world's industrial and humanitarian needs.


PHOENIX H2O© is a state of the art, self-contained advanced reverse osmosis water purification system adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense and funded through its Sustainability, Logistics and Technology Center.


PHOENIX H2O© produces drinkable water eliminating 99% of known bacteria and viruses from virtually any water source including sea water.





PHOENIX H2O© is built around a proprietary, powerful photovoltaic platform enabling to purify up to 3 Million liters per 24 hour. Power modules up to 1120 kw and remote monitoring ensure the absolute control and consistency of the reverse osmosis process.




After a review of all submitted innovations, NSRDEC (U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research Center)

adopted Phoenix H2O© as the most innovative sustainable living system. Declassified for civil use, this technology is available to be used anywhere in the world



Improving the quality of life through modular self contained solar powered water filtration systems


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