• Reduce the reliance on resupply
  • lengthen the time of remote location deployment
  • Increase comfort and mission readiness by providing essential capabilities in the areas of hygiene, habitation and food preparation
  • Increase the the urban survival center systems based on population and group size


Phoenix H2O originally designed to reduce supply needs to troops and people in times of emergency especially when supplies of water and sanatation back haul is practically inexistant.


With real life successes, Phoenix H2O Habitation systems provide comfort, hygiene, in an easy transportable modular system with rapid setup. Its intergrated self contained power system ensures full operation even when fosil fuels are inexistant ensureing the avaiability of drinking water when you need it.


The Phoenix H2O centers after deployment have proven vital to camps and safe places where people can gain access to clean drinking water, cook, shower and even wash cloths with 99% recycled water. Amazing yes, with state of the art engineering and a control center allows every module to run based on the surrounding population and requirments of individuals.

A Home Base Increases Your Chances of Surviving a Long Term Disaster



Module centers are self  contained with renewable energy allowing operation in any environment without the use of fuels.


State of the art self-contained power center and filtration technology allows water supplies to be fully recycled up to 99% when needed.


Intellegent intergrated control center allows Phoenix survival modules to shut down and operate vital funtions based on location nessesaties

Phoenix Survival Systems incorporated a intelligent power system that can designate renewable energy to specific components of the systems to manage uninterrupted service and extend living conditions based on changing environment conditions.

State of the art self-sufficient power center and filtration technology allows water supplies to be fully recycled up to 99% when needed.

Phoenix H2O / WATER
Sea and Fresh water Purification systems.

Improving the quality of life through modular self contained solar powered water filtration systems


The M20 Mobile Comfort Stations is a fully integrated housing and accommodation center that significantly improves the quality of life



Regular laundry service consumes very large quantities of water and electric power  generate equally large volumes of grey and black water requiring disposal. 
Phoenix H2O addresses these issues by recuperating 95% of the water used for continuous uninterrupted laundry service allow 720-lb to 1,440-lb of laundry per day (24-hr operation) with only 0.13-gal of water/lb of clothes (a 90% reduction)

Gray water from the shower are filtered into non-potable

water for reuse in the same functions. Toilet flush waste water are directed to a black water tank - all black water is combusted through an incinerator eliminating back haul discharge


Fuel fired heater ducted in line with a air conditioning unit and Open loop evaporative cooler (in case the system is operated in environments were fuel resupply is extremely infrequent, provides cooling with minimal power draw